Open Source Inventory and Warehouse Management System

Open Source Inventory and Warehouse Management System

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Online inventory management or stock management software track your goods throughout your entire supply chain, from purchasing product to sales of product. Inventory management system designed for small and mid size marketing companies that offers complete features of stock management, order management, purchasing and reporting. Web based inventory management software focused on taking control of overall stock, warehouse functionalities and shipping. Stock management software is built to help companies to track product across multiple warehouses and locations. Open source inventory software uses several functionalities to keep the right amount of product on hand and operate profitably.

A good inventory management system will help you keep track of your product. Online inventory management system applies to every product a company uses to produce its products from raw materials to finished goods. Open source inventory system is a complete stock and warehouse system that performs various functions such as transactions borrowing of books or supplies. Inventory software can easily track supply items, available stocks and incoming stocks.

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