Employee Management Software In PHP

Employee Management Software In PHP


It is web-based software. It is a self-management software that helps the business owners to keep track and record on their employee’s database, attendance, leaves, payrolls, daily work status, work reports, work management, performance of the employees on monthly basis, and helps to get information about the employee performance reports, assign certificates on performance, act as the guide in the recruitment process for assigning the jobs, recording of the questions that may be asked at the time of recruitment. It also records the mangers details and also offers you a number of customizations.
So let us see about each of the module one by one.

Employee Management System

  • It is the section or module where you record all the details related to your employee.
  • Here you can record all the personal details of the employee that may concern for your business to record.
  • In personal details section you can record –
  1. Name of the employee.
  2. Name of the father of the employee.
  3. Birth date of the employee.
  4. Gender, in which you can select the option related to the employee.
  5. Phone number of the employee in which you also have the option to record an alternative phone number too.
  6. Local Address of the employee.
  7. Permanent Address of the employee.
  8. Nationality to which the employee belongs.
  9. Reference details of name and phone number.
  10. Marital Status.
  11. Profile photo of the employee.
  12. And also, you can add any important notes or points about the employee you can add it in the comment section.
  • Along with the personal details of the employee you can add company details in which you can record-
  1. ID, which is generally auto generated which you record all the details.
  2. Departments to which the employee belongs.
  3. Joining date of the employee.
  4. Designation that means to which post the employee will work.
  5. Type of Manager
  6. Shift of the employee
  7. And what is the current status of the employee.
  • With the information of the same employee, it also offers you to record the financial details.
  • The financial details consist of-
  1. Type of salary such as weekly, monthly etc.
  2. And the pay scale.
  • With the financial details and to make banking details smoother you can record the Bank details, in which you can record –
  1. Account holder name
  2. Account number
  3. Name of the Bank
  4. Branch
  5. And the IFSC code or the bank code.
  • Next you can record the account login information, in which email id and the passwords are recorded.
  • With the PHP HR the tension of making mistake is also gone as it offers that if you record any employee details wrongly you can also manage the employee details and can edit or even can delete any employee details.

Benefits of using Employee Management

  • Reduces manual errors-

As the whole system is systematically recorded and reduces the task of management to record the employee details manually. It decreases the manual error and if any mistakes occur it also gives the opportunity to correct the details although it is recorded.

Offers high security and increases profitability-

PHP HR SOFTWARE offers a high secured system. It is made with keeping in mind that all the confidential information related to any business and their employees are being recorded. So, with the systematic recording of the employee details, it can be accessed at any point of time in just a click which makes all the difference from the one who are not using the PHP HR SOFTWARE and which helps the business to increase their profitability by utilizing their employees effectively and efficiently.

Increases in the productivity-

Due to the systematic record of the employee details, it offers the business to utilize their employees efficiently and effectively, which also help the business to track about the employees which increases the productivity of the employee and hence help to increase in the profitability of the company.

Tends towards accuracy-

As in PHP HR SOFTWARE all the options are there among that you just have to select among that or have to write which means it also acts as a guide and helps you to be accurate at all of the time. This increases the chances of accuracy and also helps you to give correct information which is very important at every time. When the management gets all the correct information related to the employee then the correct employee is also given rewards to the employee of the week, performance appraisal which motivates all the employees to work better and give their best potential to their company.

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