Construction Billing Software

Construction Billing Software

Construction billing software is a collection of programs, processes, and information that serves all the essential job functions of general accounting software, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger, with the addition of modules for construction-specific functions such as equipment service

The Invoicing & Billing capabilities of construction billing Software automatically generate customer invoices for lump sum, cost plus, time and material or unit price contracts, or any combination of contract items for a single job. A user-defined schedule of values facilitates detailed invoice layouts, as well as summary invoices when a detailed breakdown is not required.

It is a project management platform that helps companies in processes like budget management, communication, decision-making, and job scheduling, to name a few. Its goal is to make construction business processes a lot easier through automation.

A billing construction software must be able to integrate with other business accounting tools. This feature helps managers handle multiple projects at any given time. It must likewise be able to automate processes such as accounts receivable, payable, and payroll, among others while being able to adjust by client preference.

By using construction billing software, contractors can improve project execution by providing project managers with the information needed to efficiently manage projects, reduce business vulnerability by keeping project expenses and claims defence costs organized, and improve accountability and efficiency.

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