PHP CRM is software that will provide you with a centralized platform to be able to manage all the contacts, emails, and phone numbers of your customers in a business. It will also help you to design a sale process. 

IN OTHER WORDS, You’ll have access to all the information you need about a particular customer in one intuitive interface. That means every phone call, text message, email, Christmas card, or any other conversation you have with a customer can be logged in one PLACE. Your sales and support staff will be able to know each customer backward and forwards. Anybody else you hire on will also have an easier time learning your customer base too. ISNT IT A

You can change your data in a variety of ways. This way you can track anything you want. If you want to look at sales forecast reports, new leads, conversions you can go for it. You’ll be able to sort by individual fields just like in excel you collect and maintain the data. 

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