PHP Inventory Script

PHP Inventory Software(Script) is based on top open source Language PHP and MySQL. from PHP Inventory , you can manage your Items, manage your Clients, Salesman and purchasee. there are lot of exciting features on PHP Inventory Script. You will just love it :)

PHP Inventory Script

100% Based on PHP and MySQL Open Source Language. Easy to install and very easy to use and maintain it

PHP Inventory Demo

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PHP Inventory Features

Products Management, Customers Management, Orders Management, Invoice Management etc........


"They don't let you down - I have dealt with many "programmers" and bought way too many crummy scripts - this is the only guy who actually does what he says - does not take forever to do it - and offers post sales support. Need I say more? "

-Alex, UK

Welcome to PHP Inventory Script

Inventory Software

PHP Inventory Script is easy to use and affordable billing solution which works smarter than other similar items in the market and keeps you informed about your business with many custom reports.

PHP Inventory Script is for small business & large sized company. With PHP Inventory Script you can easily manage your inventory and increase your profitability.

What is Inventory ?

Efficient inventory Script means that there should be constant in and out of material, it should be a consistently controlled system so that inventory should not become too high in stock or too low in stock. Inventory stock should be kept in order to meet the uncertainties in the business i.e. in the demand of items as well as to meet the time lag from vendor to customer. Inventory can be of different types like rar inventory, work in progress inventory, finished stocks inventory and goods for resale inventory.

Inventory is a quantity or store of goods that is held for some purpose or use (the term may also be used as a verb, meaning to take inventory or to count all goods held in inventory). Inventory may be kept "in-house," meaning on the premises or nearby for immediate use; or it may be held in a distant warehouse or distribution center for future use. With the exception of company utilizing quick methods, more often than not, the term "inventory Stock" implies a stored quantity of goods that exceeds what is needed for the firm to function at the current time (e.g., within the next few hours).